New Grand Vitara: Interview of the Designers for the Exterior and Interior of Suzuki’s Flagship Model

New Grand Vitara: Interview of the Designers for the Exterior and Interior of Suzuki’s Flagship Model
2024, April 29

We interviewed the designers of Grand Vitara debuted in 2023 to get some interesting insights about the design and the thoughts of the designers behind creating it.


Alessandro Di Gregorio (Exterior Designer)
Lead Designer at Suzuki Europe Design Centre in Torino, Italy (Suzuki Italia Design Center). He is responsible for researching advanced design and trends in Europe for future Suzuki products worldwide. His past accomplishments include advanced design, production as well as management of Ciaz, Baleno, Swift and Spacia. He was also in charge of exterior design for the last generation Alto and when his design proposal was chosen, he got a chance to work closely for almost a year with the Headquarters Design Office in Japan.

Takumi Arita (Interior Designer)
In past, he worked on exterior designs for concept models for the Tokyo Motor Show and refinements for Ignis. The Grand Vitara was his first interior design work.


Q. How did you come up with the design you proposed for the Grand Vitara?

(Alessandro) From the beginning, the main theme for Grand Vitara’s design was to create the highest quality SUV in the Suzuki line-up. I explored different design themes and surface treatments to create a muscular feel with a futuristic, technological look. My main goal was a style that stands out among other mid-sized SUV brands and is easy to recognise with its sophisticated and proud attitude.

After in-depth research, especially on the front face, I played with all the main elements such as headlamps, grilles and other details to find the right harmony between advanced feel and a sense of refinement. So, I focused on the futuristic appearance of the front and rear with high-definition surface treatments to communicate technological advancement of the vehicle. These efforts integrated with refined craftsmanship could make a vehicle of premium quality.

Q. Please tell us more about the model’s exterior design?


(Alessandro) First, I focused on the overall proportion and balance of the main body by setting gravity points for the height and width. I created a sharp horizontal tensioned belt line that optically connects the front fascia to the taillight, and the C-shaped front and rear bumpers. The combination of these 2 elements gives Grand Vitara a robust profile.

The rounded side doors and fenders express a strong stance while the lower part of the side doors has a flap-type element that captures sunlight providing a visual contrast. The straight-forward bonnet visibly increases the height of the front mass and the push-back posture of the D pillar and rear glass gives energy and dynamism from a three-quarters or a side profile making it a confident SUV.


Q. Please tell us more about the interior design.

(Takumi) The interior design theme was "A solid platform suitable for an SUV, and a sophisticated interior space with a class above feel". Together the rigid three-dimensional design of the instrument panel with the console bracing it creates a strong SUV feel. In addition, the bold silver bar line that connects to the door trim, and the synthetic leather surface gives that space a premium mood.
I was also very particular about the details such as seats, ambient lights, door trim with silver double stitches, and piano black trim.



Q. What special ideas did you have or things did you do in designing?

(Alessandro) Throughout the whole design development I sought the perception of high quality and styling sophistication, so I wanted to introduce technologically advanced elements. An example was the distinctive 3-point signature design for the front and tail lamps. Another high-tech element that I insisted on from the beginning was the protruding front polygonal grille with its finely crafted pattern and sharp chrome bar that proudly feature the S emblem. These examples illustrate how technological advancement and refinement came together in a design that was balanced, well-built, and solid, all characteristics associated with higher-class cars.

(Takumi) I tried to create a design that harmonises a robust SUV body with a sophisticated interior space.I blended these elements of strength and refinement by using delicate lines and expressive surfaces.


Q. What do you like the best about the design of the new Grand Vitara?

(Alessandro) For me, I like the volume of the rear end and how the colours are reflected when highlighted by the sunlight. It took several attempts to get it right at first. We had to get the right balance of density without compromising the size of the rear overhang. I’m particularly pleased by the way the back door surface blends into the rear fender. Also, I like the way the C-Shape bumper feature grabs the back door’s surface, making the car look wider.

(Takumi) For the interior I like the design of the middle dashboard pad with its quality feel. There’s a good balance among shape, upholstery and stitching.

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