Advices for a safe night driving

Advices for a safe night driving
2022, November 14

Late-night driving is sometimes a part of road trips. Because of factors like low visibility and fatigue, driving in the dark can be more dangerous than driving during the day.

Anyway, we have prepared a few advices for a night driving to help you and others stay safe:


1.Ensuring your windows and mirrors are clean is vital for safe driving at night.

Dirty mirrors could impact your vision of what’s behind you and at night, this can become a serious distraction. So, make sure to check the cleanliness of all windows and mirrors during daylight.

 2. It’s important to check that your lights are working properly. It’s not just your headlights you should check either. You should make sure your brake lights; fog lights and indicators are also working before setting off in the dark. This is because the importance of lights isn’t just about seeing the road ahead, they also make sure you’re visible to other road users.

 3.If you’re travelling a familiar route, it’s likely you’ll already know what the speed limits are in the different segments of your journey. However, if you’re travelling somewhere new then it’s important to look out for speed signs in order to keep a safe and legal speed.

4. One of the biggest dangers when driving at night is falling asleep behind the wheel – or encountering another driver who has done so. It’s not just about staying awake – it’s about remaining as alert and aware as possible. So being just a ‘little tired’ is not an option – visibility is limited at night, which means hazards are often only seen at the last moment. You need to be very alert in order to react fast enough.Driving tired makes you a danger to yourself and other road users and even can be as harmful as drink-driving! So, if you start to feel drowsy, stop and take a break.

5.Avoid distractions, it’s especially important at night due to reduced visibility. The most obvious is your cellphone. If you need to be connected, make sure you have a safe hands-free option, and try not to make or answer calls unless you really need to.


6.Keep your kids safe on night drives. One of the most challenging aspects of night driving can happen when you have children in the car. Not only can they be a huge distraction to the driver but they often want to lie down in the back to sleep.
Think about anything to keep them comfortable (and asleep) in a seated position with their seat-belts on. It’s absolutely crucial because the dangers of driving at night are much higher, so kids need to stay strapped in at all times.



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